The Middle-Child Blues

A clever, bluesy riff on middle-kid angstLee has the low-down, big-frown, sulkin?-all-aroundtown blues. His older brother gets all the big-kid privileges, and no one expects his little sister to do anything but be cute. And sometimes his family even leaves him behind! But when Lee breaks out his guitar and finally makes his voice be heard, he draws a big crowd. It turns out lots and lots of people share his middle-kid pain?and he loves how being stuck in the middle is making him the center of attention.

About the illustrator, David Catrow

I have worn all kinds of hats. Big ones, little ones, motorcycle helmets, chef hats, train conductor hats, baseball caps, red hats, blue hats, fireman helmets, surgeons caps, green and yellow striped hats, a Davy Crockett hat with a long bushy stripped tail going down my back. Maybe even a pot or pan if I’m in the mood. I have worn hats with feathers and strange contraptions and hats I find in the attic. Sometimes I wear more than one hat at a time and people will stare at me like I have two heads. Every day I get to wear the hats of the characters I create because I am a children’s book illustrator.

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Middle Child Blues

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