Have Kristyn Crow visit your school or conference event!

Elementary School visits

Students will learn, in a fun animated presentation:

  1. How I became an author and what I do
  2. The journey around the world that a picture book takes to get to your bookstores
  3. My advice for what kids can do to make their own career dreams come true.
  4. Read one (or more) of my stories on the big screen, using Power Point:Bedtime at the Swamp – I’ll tell the story to the sounds of the swamp, and students will participate using rhythm and repetition with snaps, claps, taps, and hand signals.
    Cool Daddy Rat – We’ll learn to scat, and divide into “Yow,” “Wow,” “Zow,” and “Pow” teams.  Which team will be the “coolest?”
    The Middle Child Blues

What you need to provide:

  1. A PowerPoint projector with speakers for sound, and hook-ups for a standard PC laptop.
  2. A screen in a room that can get dark enough for the audience to see the images adequately.
  3. A microphone with a stand, or a clip-on mike.
  4. A table (or cart) for the projector and my laptop to rest on, with extension cords long enough to reach from that table to the outlet. (I’ll need two plugs in addition to the plug you’re using for the projector.  A power strip would make things easier.)
  5. Staff assistance, if necessary, with crowd control.
  6. A glass or bottle of water.  Thanks so much for this!
  7. As much technical set-up completed prior to my arrival as possible.

Preparations prior to my visit:

I’d love it if the audience had some familiarity with me and my books prior to my visit.

If elementary schools advertised my books beforehand using fliers or announcements, students could purchase them at the end (or in advance) of my visit.  I will personally sign copies.  I’ll need advance notice to order books for the visit.


I will be flexible in working with schools to determine a fee that is fair and reasonable.  If I’ll be traveling some distance I’ll need those expenses covered.  Please e-mail me for more information at